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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Consumer Awareness Tips: Sizing up Fire Rated Doors in Honolulu

Consumer Awareness Tips : Sizing Up Fire Rated Doors in Honolulu. www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425 When locksmiths are involved with new construction, door and locking hardware is specified by knowledgeable sources such as: architects, architectural hardware consults, or other agents of the architect. Most of the time, the proper hardware has been specified for the fire rated openings. It’s the responsibility of locksmiths to understand all components of steel fire doors. All hardware mounted to fire doors must be properly rated. When in doubt, the locksmith should always consult available resources from the Steel Door Institute, the door manufacturer and the local authority having jurisdiction (LAHJ). Never degrade fire protection integrity. The majority of retrofit and installation requests do not involve new construction; and usually are ordered by customers responding to LAHJ inspections or other complaints. While the customer is always king, it is important to note that in these instances, the customer may not always be right. Customers are not knowledgeable sources, especially in regards to fire rated openings and the fire door hardware callouts, which can often misinterpret the LAHJ requests. Regarding orders motivated by non-inspection complaints, the customer may be reacting from outside sources, remarks by employees, associates, and/or patrons. For instance, a complaint to a facility manager might be that doors are being opened too quickly and persons are being hurt by flying doors. A suggestion is made to install window lites and the locksmith is called out to do so. This is when it is extremely important that the locksmith has a full understanding of the proper hardware that can be mounted onto doors and frames in fire rated openings. It is tough when the locksmith has to say no to the customer when requests are in conflict with code. The alternative requires the locksmith to accept liability if cited or if catastrophe occurs. In the case of window lites, there may be alternatives such as wire and glass lite assemblies, smaller and less aesthetic than the customer requests but accommodate the code(s). Fire Rated Doors Besides serving as regular doors, fire rated doors must also provide egress during the fire, keep the fire from spreading, and protect people and property. Fire rated doors are available in a variety of materials including wood and metal. Metal fire rated doors can have a much higher fire rating than a wood door. The fire protection rating of fire rated doors is for the most part relative to the rating of the wall onto which it is mounted. In most case the doors will be 75 percent of the fire protection of the wall. The hardware mounted to these types of doors must be equally (or better) rated. For this reason locksmiths must know how to recognize a fire rated opening and the rating of the door in order to provide proper hardware with similar ratings. Fire Door Labels Every fire-rated door leaves the factory with a fire label securely attached to the door. The fire rated door label must indicate the time (hours or minutes) rating and either: the latch throw for single-point locks; or a notation: “Fire door to be equipped with fire hardware”. Labels may indicate the temperature rise. Fire door labels are made from metal or mylar. The fire protection rating of the door is imprinted on the door label along with a serialized number. The fire protection rating is specified in time (hours or minutes) and may be followed by an industry standard letter classification. Door labels are not to be removed or painted over. Only a factory or UL representative may remove or apply a door label. However, remember that painters do not know this regulation. The door label shown in Figure 1 also includes a specification relating to the minimum latch throw that is needed to match the fire protection of the door. The label is the only means to validate the rating of the door. When missing or obscured, the rating may not be able to be validated. www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425

Friday, August 30, 2013

Consumer Awareness Tips On Fire Rated Safety Door Codes & Compliance in Hawaii

Today's locksmiths are governed by basic life safety codes. Just about every state, city, and local ordinance has adopted its own interpretations of the many regulatory agencies and associations. www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425 The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA.) is the authority of fire, electrical, and building safety. It was established in 1896 as an advocate of fire protection and life safety. The codes and standards established by NFPA are a consensus of trade and professional organizations. Basic life safety codes cover over 80 trades and all aspects of building construction. The NFPA has had sufficient influence as to affect a Uniform Fire Code™ that is primarily considered the model and is used by state, city, and local ordinances when designing their own codes and regulations. Fortunately for locksmiths, the concern can be narrowed to door, locks and egress. This article discusses the basic concepts of the life safety codes relating to exit doors that locksmiths need to adhere to regardless of where they work. Occupancy affects which locks will be used. Occupancy relates to the purpose in which the building or part of a building is used or intended to be used. Occupancies are classified into groups that reflect the common purpose. One type of occupancy group covers: hotels, apartment houses and residences or other places where persons dwell. Another occupancy group covers: offices, businesses; and places where service-type transactions occur. Still another occupancy group covers: retail stores; and places where goods, wares, and merchandise are displayed and sold. There are other occupancy groups that cover places of assembly, places with special hazards, places where products are manufactured, etc. Exit doors must open from the inside without special knowledge or effort. Exit doors are those doors intended to be used to egress out of a building or part of a building. Exit doors must be maintained in an operable condition. If the door is part of a fire assembly, the door must be maintained in accordance to the fire assembly requirements. Figure 1 shows a door that is part of a fire assembly, where the fire gasket needs to be replaced. Exit doors are required to be openable from the inside without a key or without any special knowledge or effort. No key-operation from inside means no double-cylinder deadbolts. This includes surface-mounted key-operated bolts. Special knowledge or effort can be subjective. It is often left up to the local ordinance or Local Authority Having Jurisdiction (LAHJ) to make a determination. One example is the use of "secret locks" in a bank environment. This is a lock that is mounted to a half-height gate to separate the teller area from the public area. There is a button on the bottom of the lock that is "secret" and must be pushed in to operate the latch. These gates are oftentimes between the tellers and the exit doors. Some inspectors have had them removed, citing special knowledge, and some have required special signage alerting anyone in the area as to the "secret." Sometimes the special knowledge or effort requirement can affect the industry to such a level that a new type of device is created. A few decades ago, defense contractors in California were cited for non-compliant hardware on SCIF (Secured Compartmentalized Information Facility) doors. A SCIF is a "closed area" where a defense contractor can perform the "customer's" services in a controlled and secured manner. www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Consumer Awareness Tips on Fire Door Safety in Hawaii

Fire Door Safety The principal means of passive fire protection in structures is by completely enclosing areas with fire barriers. Fire barriers include fire doors, walls, ceilings, and floors. Fire barriers play an integral role in managing a fire by interrupting the spread of smoke, other toxic gasses, and the fire itself from one fire zone into another. Fire doors are fundamental to the integrity of fire barriers because any time there is an access portal (such as a doorway) to a compartment, a fire barrier is broken temporarily. To minimize the break in protection, fire doors must be self-closing and have proper latching devices in order to provide as much resistance as possible to the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gasses. Fire exit doors are often held open for the convenience of employees and visitors, creating a significant fire hazard for all building occupants because of the break created in the fire barrier. Doors that are designed to be fire exit doors can be held open, but only if they automatically release when building fire alarms are activated. Fast Facts About Fire Doors Proper Fire Doors and Fire Door Self-Closing Devices are Required # Not all doors are fire doors: Fire doors must be certified by recognized testing laboratories (such as UL) and must have the laboratory’s certification label # OSHA regulations require that fire doors not be held open unless equipped with a device that releases the door upon activation of the fire alarm [29 CFR §1910.36 (a)(3)] # The Life Safety Code places very stringent regulations respecting fire doors and their closures because of their importance as passive fire protection devices When Fire Doors are Needed # Where a door has an EXIT sign on or around it # Where a door leads to exit stairwells and horizontal exits # Where a door leads to a hazardous area such as flammable storage # In general, where a door leads to a hallway or from one fully enclosed room to another Hazards to Avoid With Fire Doors # Fire doors should never be tied open or held open by unapproved devices, such as door wedges and blocks # Fire doors can only be held open by a device that automatically releases when the fire alarm is activated (such as an electromagnetic hold open device) # Even when closed, fire doors should never have their latch taped over; during a fire, hot gases can easily build up enough pressure to cause fire doors to blow open www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425

Consumer Awareness Tips: Fire Rated Doors Inspections to prevent or Minimize Loss Of Life.

Consumer Awareness Tips: Fire Rated Doors Inspections to prevent or Minimize Loss Of Life. www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425 Fire Door Inspection Legwork For many years, proper and improper door hardware has been installed into fire rated doors and frames. Most people who installed the locks, exit devices and door closers were performing work for their customer to the best of their abilities. Usually, the installations were accomplished in a timely and efficient manner without much thought as to whether or not the doors and frames were a listed and labeled fire door assemblies. Many electrified locksets and electric strikes were installed into doors that frankly, should not have been modified since the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 80 Standard was revised in 1991. Because of this, the code regarding field-installed door hardware has become increasingly more stringent. www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425 Since the 1991 Edition of NFPA 80, the code has expressly stated what field modifications could be done and by inference, if it was not in the Standard, you could not perform a modification. Many were unaware, or unwilling to follow the provisions listed in the Standard. As a result, Annual Fire door inspection has been on the books since 2007 when the NFPA included a provision for an annual inspection requirement of fire listed assemblies. www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425 In the past three years, 28 states have adopted the International Code Councils’ International Fire Code, and/or the International Building Code (IFC and IBC respectively). In those 2009 Code revisions, NFPA 80 is referenced, making the NFPA 80 Standard a part of the code adopted by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. This means, in plain language, that the new, more stringent requirement for Annual Fire Door Inspections is de rigueur in those jurisdictions. English meaning “strictly required.” Because the new code requires Annual Fire Door Inspections, many LAHJ’s (Local Authorities Having Jurisdictions) are finding that they are required by law (once they adopt, they must follow the code) to institute a program for Annual Fire Door Inspections in their jurisdiction. Unfortunately, this requirement could not come at a worse time for local, city and state fire protection officials, since the economy has required them to make tough choices in regards to personnel. Essentially, they are almost all short-handed and do not currently have the staffing to inspect every facility in their jurisdiction that includes listed fire door assemblies. This enormous problem has created an opportunity for enterprising professionals who have experience and knowledge in how doors and hardware work. For a start, locksmiths who are interested must have Errors and Omissions insurance as many building owners will not permit lock work or fire door inspection without being assured that their inspector is covered for such liability. The recommended amount is usually $1 million, but some property owners may require a $2 million aggregate policy. Bonding is not currently required, unlike for most state requirements for locksmiths. Q & A: IFDIA President Garrett Tom To obtain important information regarding fire door inspection and locksmiths, I decided to reach out to Garrett Tom, president of the International Fire Door Inspector Association (and a sitting member of the NFPA 80 technical committee) and ask him how professionals in our field of work might benefit from the new annual requirement. Following is a brief interview. Garrett, we have been hearing for years about how these inspections were coming our way, and frankly, many of us have not seen much action in this area. Can you tell me if we will start to see more jurisdictions begin to enforce the Annual Fire Door Requirement? The IFDIA has been hearing from many FPOs (fire protection officials) who are trying to plan for the annual requirement, and are searching for the best way to enforce the code requirement. We provide them with material and information that they find valuable and try to help guide them in how to obtain the necessary personnel resources. Since the IFDIA is an association of Fire Door Inspectors, property owners and AHJs, we have a better feel for the pulse of what is happening in other parts of the country. I can clearly state that many jurisdictions are working feverishly to provide for annual fire door inspections. www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Consumer Awareness on Hawaii Fire Doors & Fire Door Inspections

Hawaii Fire Doors Have Fire Door Solutions: Hawaii Fire Doors.com wants you to know that as the 2012 edition of the Life Safety Code regarding NFPA 80 is adopted by your Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) there will be some changes. One of the most significant changes will be to fire rated doors and the hardware on those doors. All commercial properties will be required to test and inspect all fire rated doors on an annual basis. This annual inspection requirement cannot be taken lightly, actual inspections will have to be performed by qualified personnel that have an understanding of the operating components of fire rated doors or by a certified third party life safety inspector. Hawaii Fire Doors.com was created to assist commercial facilities management departments with the ever changing codes and requirements for fire rated doors. Most facilities management departments are currently maxed out on their responsibilities and manpower. The last thing they need is yet another compliance regulation requiring more manpower and resources. Hawaii Fire Doors.com saw a need to simplify the process of fire door compliance for commercial facilities. Our commitment of “Compliance Made Easy” literally explains the mission of the company. Given our extensive field experience with NFPA 80 (2007 and later), we were able to see which parts of the fire door industry were lacking solutions. Hawaii Fire Doors.com was formed to help solve issues that every commercial facility encounters. We are committed to developing and identifying products and services which make the NFPA 80 code compliance a less challenging tasks for commercial facilities.Our current menu of products and services include the following: Services: Annual Fire Door Inspections ,Fire Door and Frame Labeling, Fire Door Code Compliance Completing and Performing Statement of Conditions and Fire Damper Inspections www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Retail Consumer Tips on DETEX ALARMED LOCKS!

Retail Consumer Tips on DETEX ALARMED LOCKS! www.hawaiicommercialdoorrepair.com 808-943-1425 Detex Corporation offers a new maximum Security life safety door hardware system designed for retail. Installed on doors that require higher levels of security, these extra-tough hardware systems are scalable to provide the level of security that matches a retailer’s specific needs. Certain maximum security and retail applications require a combination of components, and Detex features a range of hardware designed specifically for the job. In addition, Detex provides complete systems that efficiently meet more complex application requirements. Retail customers can select the exact combination of components that suit their particular application and know that the components will integrate easily with each other and function well as a system. At the core of the system, and built to withstand the most aggressive attempts to break through rear doors, the 230X Maximum Locking Strength Multi-Point Panic Hardware is engineered with an extreme-duty, triple-bolt design that withstands 16,000 pounds of pull force. Single and double-bolt and weatherized models are available. Additional components include V50 and 20 Series Vertical Rod Exit Devices for dependably tough protection on double doors, as well as Detex Door-Propped Alarms, battery-powered or wired, designed to sound a warning when exterior doors are propped open by personnel. “Considering the configuration of your retail set-up, Detex can provide a choice of security hardware systems that are very powerful deterrents,” said Ken Kuehler, national accounts manager at Detex. “Once we talk to you about your requirements, we can help you tailor a combination of hardware that works together to function dependably in a panic situation, while raising your protection level in high risk areas.” For more information, e-mail (affordablelocksmithandsons@gmail.com) www.hawaiicommercialdoorrepair.com 808-943-1425

Monday, August 26, 2013


CROOK SCAMMER LOCKSMITH COMPANY OWNER ARRESTED FINALLY! www.gsa-x09-lkmlocksmithhawaii.com 808-943-1425 South Florida Man Arrested For Running Copycat Locksmith Business www.gsa-x09-lkmlocksmithhawaii.com 808-943-1425 Suspect used phony websites to lure customers away from legitimate locksmith businesses, according to police. Aug. 23--PALM BEACH -- A Broward County man accused of running a copycat locksmith business was arrested this week on multiple charges, town police said. Police allege that David Merkatz, 55, of Coconut Creek used phony websites to lure customers away from legitimate locksmith businesses. He was arrested Wednesday on allegations of organizing a scheme to defraud, forgery, money laundering and obtaining property by false information. He was released from the Palm Beach County Jail on Wednesday on $19,500 bond. According to police, one of Merkatz's targets was the Wilson Rowan Locksmith company in West Palm Beach. Richard Rowan, the company's owner, told police the business had frequently been the target of unknown persons pretending to be his employees so that they could access the homes and businesses of his customers. Police allege that Merkatz was the main culprit in organizing the scheme, according to a probable-cause arrest affidavit. He allegedly created copycat websites that appeared to represent real locksmith companies, police said. Just one letter distinguished Rowan's legitimate website from the fake one, the affidavit said. Customers visiting www.wilsonrowan.com were taken to the legitimate site. The fake site added a 's' to change the domain name to www.wilsonrowans.com , police said. Last December, a Palm Beach woman reported to police that a man came to her home posing as an employee from Wilson Rowan Locksmith. The woman said she searched for the company's phone number online and was unknowingly directed to the fake website. A man went to the woman's home and examined her locks. He did not repair any of the locks, but asked questions about the home's security system, police said. The woman's husband refused to provide that information. The man, later identified as Peter Lomagistro, 37, of Lake Worth presented couple with $180 bill and requested the check be written out to him instead of the business. After he left, the woman found the company's real number in her Rolodex file and spoke to the owner. Richard Rowan told the woman he was not aware of the service call and had not sent anyone to her house, the affidavit said. Lomagistro was arrested in February on fraud and burglary charges. Days before that December incident, another suspect pretended to be a Wilson Rowan employee while responding to a call at a Palm Beach art gallery, police said. According to the affidavit, the scam also targeted other locksmith businesses in Palm Beach and Broward counties. One business owner in Boynton Beach told police he frequently fielded complaints from customers who had been overcharged by the fraudulent locksmiths. An attorney representing one of the locksmith companies told police she had previously spoken to Merkatz. Police made a monitored call to Merkatz's listed business number. The attorney listened to a recording of the call and confirmed it was Merkatz's voice, the affidavit said www.gsa-x09-lkmlocksmithhawaii.com 808-943-1425 Like · · Share

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fire Door Safety & Compliance on Oahu

Consumer Awareness Tips: Fire Doors & Fire Hardware
www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425

Yet Another Apartment Fire!

How many more fires is it going to take before people understand that closed and latched doors save lives, code-compliant fire doors are self-closing and self-latching, and annual fire door inspections will make sure they stay that way?

www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425

It’s simple, really.

But the message is not getting through?

Why do people continue to die?

Budget Constraints?
Board Members Power fighting in house?
Or just plain old procrastinating,  waiting for something to happen first? That's ridiculous!

This time 3 adults and 3 kids.
A 12-year-old boy lost his mother, father, and both brothers.

The fire chief makes it clear in his report that the fire spread through an defective and old Trash Room door and compromised the exit routes, and the fatalities occurred in apartments with open doors with heavy toxic smoke going up the trash chute into the hallways!

www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425

Thursday, August 22, 2013

ocksmith & Son LLC Trained & Certified Technicians Are ready to open your Government Approved GSA Containers

Affordable Locksmith & Son LLC Trained & Certified Technicians Are ready to open your Government Approved GSA Containers 

We specialize in GSA container openings, X07, X08 & X09's , CDX09, LKM's.We also offer access control, and safe opening and installation.
We provide emergency Government/Auto/Residential/Military developement on-site projects.
We service all the military bases on Oahu.
Affordable Locksmith & Sons LLC provides a full range of specialty Government-only capabilities including installation and repair of secure entry locks, drilling and repair of GSA containers (safes).  We accept Government GPC and purchase cards and offer quick turn-around times.
GSA Container opening and repair

  • Drill Open Black Label* GSA Container… Customers lock will be destroyed 
  • Drill Open Red Label GSA Container Customers lock will be destroyed
  • Cutting lock bolts to save Containers existing lock
  • Replacing drawer head by quote 
  • Repair GSA Container ( includes welding and painting per FED-STD 809)

  • Install Kaba Mas X-09 or S&G 2740 / S&G 2937 Lock On Container/Vault
  •  Open And Repair GSA Approved Vault By Quote
    * Some Black Label Containers were built to the Red Label specifications. Red Label pricing will be applied to these containers. All containers are repaired to the standard set forth in FED-STD-809.
    Pricing includes replacement of GSA Label (if required) customer copies of inspection documentation and copies filed with GSA authority. Minor parts such as missing screws etc. are included however additional parts or labor required to bring the container back to GSA standards would be discussed at the time of service.. Not all containers will pass inspection / recertification. If a container does not meet the standard, options for bringing the container up to GSA standards will be discussed at that time.
    Expect exceptional customer service, high quality hardware and competitive rates.
    Affordable Locksmith & Son LLC can handle all your lock and security projects from beginning to end.

    We can handle locksmith services for any type location:

    • Homes
    • Businesses, Stand-alone businesses, Office buildings, Malls, Strips malls
    • Retail buildings
    • Apartments, Condos and Townhomes
    • Hospitals, Clinics, Doctor’s offices
    • Churches
    • Approved GSA Container and vault inspector
    • On-staff GSA certified technician
    • Commercial lockouts
    • Locks re-keyed and replaced
    • Access control systems
    • Locks repaired and installed
    • Security Locks
    • And much more

    Wednesday, August 21, 2013

    Hawaii Store Front Doors.com

    Hawaii Store Front Doors.com
    is Committed to The Security And Safety of the entire Oahu Community.

    We are a Professional Full Service Locksmith Company That Can Service Your Doors too.
    Wether it's a small mom & pop Business , Huge Hotel Chain , Retail Business , High Rise condo Or University.
    Our Professionalism Skilled Locksmiths Will Provide Key Solutions to All Security Issues Your Property May Have.
    We Specialize in Transponder Keys , Auto Lockouts , House Lockouts , Master Key Systems , Key less Entry , Electric Strike Door Openers , Access Control Systems , Kaba E-plex , Exit Devices , Fire Doors , Fire Door Inspections , Fire Door Certification , Fire Door Sales & Installations , Deadbolt Installations , Mailbox Locks .
    Call us for Free Estimates or Consultation on all Professional Locksmith & Fire Door Services.
    We can repair and Install:
    • Kaba E-plex Wireless
    • Adams Rite Locks
    • Aluminum & Glass Swing Doors
    • Locks And Handles
    • ADA Doors And Locks
    • LCN closers
    • Von duprin panic devices
    • Stainless steel doors
    • Detex loss prevention alarm locks
    • Fire rated doors
    • Hollow metal doors & frames
    • Commercial wood doors
    • Contractor hardware
    • Lead lined doors
    • Exit devices
    • Schlage locksets
    • Manual Entries
    • Electronic hardware
    Why wait another day?
    We can get the job done fast.  We have a mobile fleet of trucks that are stocked with the parts needed to complete most repair jobs on the first visit.  We use expertly crafted parts, installed by our qualified technicians to provide for a safe environment for your visitors.
    We'd like to hear from you.  Don't put off important repairs or needed installations.  And don't risk your time and money with inexperienced door companies.  Choose the business that will get the work done right. Call Now   (808)943-1425 .There is Always Someone Ready to Answer Our Phones.

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    Military & Government Consumer Awareness Tips; X09 Locks

    Military & Government Consumer Awareness Tips; X09 Locks

    www.gsa-x09-lkmlocksmithhawaii.com 808-943-1425

    The X-09 was developed in conjunction with the US Government and meets FF-L-2740A, the US Government's highest security standard for container locks and doors.

    www.gsa-x09-lkmlocksmithhawaii.com 808-943-1425

    Affordable Locksmith & Sonn LLC is now certified to service and install these high security locks X09/CDX09/LKM/GSA Locks

    Approved by the GSA for use on approved Class 5 and Class 6 Filing Cabinets and Class 5 Security Vault Doors. The X-09 is self-powered using PowerStar™ technology. A twist of the dial provides all the power necessary to enter the combination, as well as review audit features.

    www.gsa-x09-lkmlocksmithhawaii.com 808-943-1425

    The X-09 provides all the benefits of high-security electronic locking while maintaining the reliability of a mechanical lock, independent of batteries or outside power sources.

    The X-09 offers three modes of operation, and it features Automatic Lock Reset, High-Security combination scramble, and resists all forms of external manipulation and environmental attack.

    www.gsa-x09-lkmlocksmithhawaii.com 808-943-1425

    Affordable Locksmith & Sonn LLC is now certified to service and install these high security locks X09/CDX09/LKM/GSA Locks

    www.gsa-x09-lkmlocksmithhawaii.com 808-943-1425

    Monday, August 19, 2013

    Consumer Awareness Tips: Criminals Acting as Locksmiths to Steal from Victims.

    Consumer Awareness Tips: Criminals Acting as Locksmiths to Steal from Victims.
    www.transponderkeyshawaii.com 808-943-1425

    Where's The Beef in Reporting the Truth About Locksmith Scammers?

    www.transponderkeyshawaii.com 808-943-1425

    The Society of Professional Locksmiths appreciates News Reporter Chad Silber for being the ONLY news reporter in the United States that has reported accurately about what is known as "locksmith scammers." 

    www.transponderkeyshawaii.com 808-943-1425

    This young cub, nailed his recent news report by clearly identifying that locksmiths are not engaged in scamming the consumers. His news headline reads - "Criminals Acting as Locksmiths to Steal from Victims." There was no fluff reporting or blatant activist style reporting which as we have seen elsewhere.

    www.transponderkeyshawaii.com 808-943-1425

    These crooks are trained to take advantage of USA consumers that are naive and forced to pay for charges that are 200% higher than the national market prices.

    www.transponderkeyshawaii.com 808-943-1425

    Either way it appears that maybe the news media is starting to hear the voice of Affordable Locksmith & Son LLC, and realizing the fact that many of them have been misled by those unqualified Illegal.

    www.transponderkeyshawaii.com 808-943-1425

    Sunday, August 18, 2013





    The latest (August, 2013) National Locksmith magazine rehashes a scammer investigation by an Atlanta television station from earlier this year. Anyone who has watched the original video for the story (http://www.11alive.com/news/article/292516/320/Undercover-Locksmith-Investigation
    ) may have noticed something odd. At about 1:38 into the video, a van belonging to one of the “legitimate” locksmiths consulted for the story is seen. Clearly displayed on the van is the word “Licensed”. But, Georgia does not license locksmiths. In a story about fraud and misrepresentation by scammers, you would think someone might have asked how a locksmith could claim to be licensed in a state that does not issue locksmith licenses.

    Meanwhile, also in Georgia, the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection (GOCP) has fined a scammer operation almost $112,000 (http://www.coosavalleynews.com/np103415.htm
    ). Can any locksmith licensing board match that? The GOCP effectively demonstrates that scammers posing as a locksmtih can be attacked under existing laws, whereas licensing laws have proven themselves ineffective (http://www.sopl.us/4/post/2013/06/definitive-proof-that-locksmith-licensing-is-a-con-job-what-your-not-being-told.html

    And, unlike what was stated in the article copied in the National Locksmith - “Warnings have been placed on the Associated Locksmiths of America's website about mobile locksmiths masquerading as local companies.” - the Atlanta scammer was NOT a mobile locksmith. They had a physical location in Atlanta (http://www.bbb.org/atlanta/business-reviews/locks-and-locksmiths/atlanta-solution-locksmith-in-atlanta-ga-27247383

    Despite seeing how to effectively deal with scammers, the local Georgia locksmith association and politicians still want to add regulations that will be enforced on the legitimate locksmiths (http://www.cbsatlanta.com/story/22934119/state-lawmaker-wants-to-regulate-locksmiths

    Saturday, August 17, 2013

    Locksmith Aiding Honolulu Police Dept at Crime Scene

    Consumer Awareness Tips: Emergency Locksmith Services/ AUTO / Home/ Residential/ Commercial.
    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

    Yesterday my Friend Detective Dan from HPD called for my services.
    When he calls it could be multiple situations happening at any of his job sites.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

    Police issuing a Search Warrant, kidnapped victim in the property, stolen goods or domestic violence?

    Detective Dan issued me a Bullet Proof Vest so I knew right then this was a serious matter.

    He asked me to pick open 2 locks to enter this house with Crime Scene and backup waiting while I arrived to the scene.

    It was chaos 10 marked cars already outside waiting on who do you think?
    That's right.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

    Waiting for the Locksmith to come and gain access.
    So I walk up to the door and Detective Dan walks up with me and knocks on the door and says Police Dept. Search Warrant!
    He knocks again and repeats Police dept. Search Warrant and bangs on the door harder and louder.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

    We wait a couple minutes not knowing who or what will answer?
    He then signals for me to open the door?
    I'm thinking whaaaaat?
    But I calmly walk up to the door ,  kneel down and picked the deadbolt instantly 3 seconds?

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

    I swiftly stand up and move out of harm's way and say it's opened.
    That's when 5 uniformed HPD officers grabbed for their guns and entered with guns drawn just like in the movies WOW!

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425
    It was another exciting day  to be a Local Locksmith.
    Did my duty as a civilian assisting the Police dept and getting paid for my services.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

    Gotta say this though ......Give credit where credit is due!
    These guys put their life on the line everyday,  for about 15 minutes my adrenaline was running high with danger in the air.
    This time my lookout was HPD and I was in for them in seconds!

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425
    Living the Vida Loca as the Community Locksmith! Aloha

    Friday, August 16, 2013

    Consumer Awareness Tips...... Best Locksmith in Honolulu Hawaii.

    Consumer Awareness Tips…… Best Locksmith in Honolulu Hawaii.
    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-94314-25.

    The Best Locksmith’s in Honolulu Hawaii.!
    The other day I got a phone call from another Locksmith company,
    Being a member of ALOA Associated Locksmiths of America we are instructed and taught to assist our fellow locksmith’s with technical or physical assistance that may pertain to any security or installation issues another Locksmith may have.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-94314-25.

    So when this Locksmith ask me if I can do him a favor?

    I replied that I would try my best to assist him.

    He then ask me if I would share my secret with him?

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-94314-25.

    I was astounded that he wanted to know my secrets?

    But then I asked him what type of secret was he referring too?

    This Locksmith then told me that he has been watching the rankings on the internet and that he noticed the last 3 years that we have a 5 STAR rating on YELP & ANGIE”S LIST.

    He then popped the big QUESTION?

    What and how do we maintain the 5 STAR ranking so long?

    I told him this exactly…..

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-94314-25.

    It’s no secret….

    It’s called HONOR- INTEGRITY- QUALITY of workmanship and fair pricing!

    That’s it.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-94314-25.

    No secret.

    His problem is that he has none of the above so he will never get that 5 Star rating!

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-94314-25.

    Thursday, August 15, 2013

    I am your Trusted Community Locksmith

    I am a Locksmith……..
    All too often I see you after a traumatic burglary, when you are scared and upset. Many times you call me to improve your security when it is already too late. Your home is a shambles and your property is stolen. Your door locks were old, and the door frame was weak. Entering your house was an easy task for the criminal. But I cannot turn back the clock and prevent your misfortune.
    When your business is vandalized, I’m quickly on the scene. I fix the locks which have been super-glued, or I install a new lock when the old one is broken. When you lose your door key, I come right over to pick the lock. I let you in your business and I make you a new key.
    I am a Locksmith. Sometimes you call me when your keys are locked in your car. You are frustrated by the inconvenience and expense of having to call me. But when you call, I will be right there with the tools and training to resolve your problem without damaging your car.
    I’m there when you lose all your car keys and you didn’t save the code tags. I pull down the steering column to remove the ignition. I read the code numbers on the lock and make you a new key to get you on your way.
    I am a Locksmith. I am available to cut you a new key when the one you got at the hardware store doesn’t work. Ill install a new deadbolt for you when yours fails to work. You bought a cheap import at the home center, but you were angry when you realized no replacement parts were available.
    I am a Locksmith. But I must also be part psychologist. Often, when you call me, you have had some sort of trouble. Security is not usually on your mind unless you have had a problem. It is not easy to deal with people when they are upset.
    I have been trained to secure and protect your home, your business, your property…and yes, even your life. I know that many hardware stores sell locks cheaper than I can. I know that in some towns the police will open your locked car at no charge. But I will be there for you when the cheap imported lock breaks. And I will be there for you when the police damage your car with their “free” service.
    I am a Locksmith. I take my profession very seriously. In the best of all worlds, you’d call me to repair your locks before someone took advantage of them. In my dreams, people realize that a locking door knob is not enough protection for them and their family. I’d love you to call me for a deadbolt before someone rips off your doorknob with a pipe wrench.
    I am a businessman, a diplomat, a psychologist and a Locksmith. I spend my entire career trying to help you keep out the bad guys. Sickness is the enemy of the doctor. And the criminal is the enemy of the Locksmith. I will be there to help you after the break-in. But it will bother me to know that a little security would have prevented your loss.
    I will be there to help you protect what is yours. I offer products and services to help secure cars, homes, businesses and more. I read trade magazines and belong to associations so I can learn more about how to protect you. My whole profession is sworn to protect and secure the property and safety of the public.www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com
    Of course you can call me after a loss. But I would rather be there first to help prevent that loss. Criminals offend me.
    Your security is a sacred trust to me.
    I am your Trusted Locksmith.

    Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    Consumer Tips on Automotive Mechanical Key and Lock / Transponder keys/Computer Chip Keys\ Hawaii Honolulu
    808-943-1425 www.transponderkeyshawaii.com


    Today's vehicles are completely different than the cars our parents drove, due to the security systems on board!

    808-943-1425 www.transponderkeyshawaii.com

    Manufacturers are having difficulty maintaining security for their vehicles as a new problem is happening to Volkswagen. Even if Volkswagen is able to prevent the release of a paper from the University of Birmingham in England, the cat is out of the bag.

    808-943-1425 www.transponderkeyshawaii.com

    Other not necessary honorable people can recreate the effort, package it and sell a product that eliminates the need of a properly programmed fob to drive away an engine immobilizer equipped Volkswagen.

    808-943-1425 www.transponderkeyshawaii.com

    Insurance companies cannot and will not pay for vehicles that have no security. Remember the late 1970's and early 1980's Chevrolet Corvette. Remember the term "Gone in 60 seconds".

    808-943-1425 www.transponderkeyshawaii.com

    According to folklore, General Motors had a choice to add additional security or the cost of insurance on a new Corvette would be too expensive to own. Remember VATS. It worked.

    808-943-1425 www.transponderkeyshawaii.com

    For now, a secondary credential, a fingerprint readers or mechanical lock and key may not prevent, but slow down (and in many cases stop) a vehicle from being stolen.

    As always, your input is valued and appreciated.

    808-943-1425 www.transponderkeyshawaii.com

    Monday, August 12, 2013

    Consumer Awareness Tips A LOCKSMITH"S Standard HOME & AUTO EMERGENCY LOCKOUT Procedure is to attempt to unlock homes and cars and get proof of residence or ownership prior to opening......

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

    Aug. 09--Aiea Honolulu,  A man was arrested Wednesday evening after attempting to gain access to a home that wasn't his own, with the help of an SCAMMER locksmith, police said.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

    The so- called Locked out client's story didn't seem peculiar: He had lost the keys to his home and needed a locksmith to get inside. This is what he told an the SCAMMER unqualified uncertified untrained Locksmith  to get him to open the door to a Aiea home, the arrest report stated.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

    This Scammer locksmith , drove to the home in Aiea Honolulu and worked on the door. So called client had told the locksmith he would show proof he lived there once he got inside.

    But when the door was opened, the real owner stepped forward instead.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

    The real owner, who lives in the home, was outside and approached, asking why they were entering his home.

    The locksmith then became suspicious and locked the door he had just opened.

    "Once the witnesses all got together, they all realized that ... it wasn't your home and that you had allegedly pulled one over on the SCAMMER locksmith," said the Honolulu Judge  during the perpetrator's first appearance in court Thursday.

    When the owner told this SCAMMER locksmith they would call police, The SCAMMER locksmith swung his tool bag at them, got on in his vehicle and drove off.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

    Honolulu police arrested the "perp" on the corner of Kamehemeha Street.   Police did not arrest the SCAMMER locksmith who was just interested in making the QUICK BUCK and not duly checking for ID.

    According to the arrest report, The "PERP" said that he had gone to American Savings Bank bank and changed the address of his bank account to the address of the home before he had attempted to gain access.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

    I've been doing business as a locksmith in Honolulu since 1991 and most times when people get locked out it is standard procedure in our business to unlock homes and cars and get proof of residence or ownership afterward.

    "If you locked your purse inside the house, or your vehicle registration in your car, how are you going to provide proof?"

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

    "Typically, we proceed to open the door and the owners will come forward with pictures and documents that say they live inside," he said. "If they don't, the we call the police immediately ."

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

    During first-appearance in court, The owner of the residence told the judge he was worrisome that this SCAMMER locksmith could just open a door. Because from inside he could hear when the Scammer drove up to his driveway got out the car,  said Hello to the "PERP" and just asked is this the door that needs to be opened?

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

    The "PERP"  was charged with attempted burglary and is being held in lieu of a $3,500 bond.

    Consumers need to make sure they are calling Qualified Trained Bonded Locksmith's for servicing locks and opening doors!

    Just call www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

    Sunday, August 11, 2013

    Consumer Awareness New Electronic Lock to SECURE STORE FRONT DOORS in Honolulu Hawaii 808-943-1425

    Consumer Awareness New Electronic Lock to SECURE STORE FRONT DOORS in Honolulu Hawaii 808-943-1425

    Electrified lock choices are limited when installing electronic access control on a narrow stile aluminum glass storefront door equipped with a pivoting deadbolt. As far as I am aware, no electric strikes will operate a standard aluminum storefront door lock with a 1-3/8” throw pivoting bolt. The keeper in most electric strikes is designed to accommodate up to a one-inch throw bolt.


    Therefore, electrification options are narrowed down to the following four options:

    Deadlatch and electric strike
    Electrified deadlatch
    Electronic deadlatch
    Electromagnetic lock

    The deadlatch options require either retrofitting the pivoting deadbolt or adding the second lock to the door. This can be difficult depending upon the location of the original pivoting deadbolt lock. According to the NFPA 101 Life Safety Codes and building codes specifications, securing a swinging door is normally accomplished by a deadlatch or deadbolt located between 34” and 42” above the finished floor. The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design states hardware required for accessible door passage shall be mounted no higher than 48” above finished floor.


    The choice of the electrification method depends upon the reason for electrification. Reasons can include daytime operation, security, primary/secondary locking mechanism, cost, etc.

    When installing an electromagnetic lock onto aluminum glass door, the standard position is along the header. In this configuration, when the door is secured electronically, there is no locking mechanism activated along the swing side of the door.


    A new solution to electrification of the storefront door is the Dortronics ML-1100 Series Mortise Lock & Pull. The lock mechanism is an electromagnet installed into the swing side aluminum jamb. The concealed armature is mounted into the handle, which is installed onto the pull side of the flush mount doors’ stile. This configuration allows the magnetic force holding the armature to be at or near the vertical centerline of the aluminum glass door, providing evenly spaced holding force and limiting the ability to rack the door.


    Dortronics Provides A New Way To Electronically Secure Storefront Doors
    And we can FURNISH & INSTALL Affordable Locksmith & Sons


    With a concealed locking mechanism and concealed fasteners on the exterior of the door, the Dortronics ML-1100 Series Mortise Lock & Pull stands up to high use, abuse and vandalism

    Saturday, August 10, 2013

    Consumer Awareness Tips on installation of :Alarmed Exit Devices Needed for Retail Stores

    Consumer Awareness Tips on installation of :Alarmed Exit Devices Needed for Retail Stores 
    Consumer Awareness Tips on installation of :Alarmed Exit Devices Needed for Retail Stores

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

    Delayed egress systems are door locking systems which prevent a door from opening immediately when egress is attempted in a non-emergency situation.

    One of the golden rules is that a lock is never supposed to impede egress. However, there are specific situations where it is allowed with special approval from the Local Authority Having Jurisdiction (LAHJ), as long as the application is in accordance with the relevant building codes which consider both core requirements and building occupancy.
    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425
    Delayed Egress locking arrangements fall under the category of NFPA 101 Special Locking Arrangements, but specification may also be subject to other codes such as:

    NFPA 80 Standard For Fire Doors And Other Opening Protectives

    NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm And Signaling Code

    NEC National Electric Code.

    Delayed egress has many important uses.

    For healthcare facilities, it can alert staff to a patient attempting to leave the premises.
    In commercial applications, doors may be equipped with delayed egress to discourage shoplifting.
    At airports, doors leading to hazardous and flight line areas will be equipped with delayed egress to further secure these areas against unauthorized movements.
    In schools and childcare, delayed egress systems will deter abductions, delinquency, etc.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

    In security environments where it is desired that a credential be used for passage in both directions, a delayed egress lock will allow locking of the door, encouraging the use of a credential, without potentially trapping individuals if there is a legitimate reason for them to exit.
    It is imperative that the installer confirm the acceptability of a delayed egress system with the LAHJ prior to installation. In some geographical locations, and in some types of occupancies, more than one authority may have jurisdiction, such as both Fire Marshal and Building Inspector. It is the responsibility of the installer to determine the hierarchy of LAHJs for a particular situation, and to take the necessary steps to assure compliance.

    Delayed Egress systems are typically configured in several ways:

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

    An integrated Delayed Egress electromagnetic lock in which all logic and locking components are built into a single device
    A Component System with separate locking, logic, annunciation and control components
    A Positive Latching Exit Device with integral delayed egress circuitry
    Depending on the design, the delayed egress may be triggered by door movement pressure on the door or pressure on a separate triggering device. In some cases, the triggering device is a switch built into a mechanical exit device or a pushbar designed for use with electromagnetic locks.

    Building Code Requirements

    Building Codes vary with respect to requirements for Delayed Egress locking arrangements. However they all have a similar set core of rules:

    The delayed egress lock must be approved or listed and shall be permitted for installation on doors serving occupancy levels as specified per prevailing code (refer to your prevailing code and consult your LAHJ for complete details).
    The doors must unlock upon activation of an automatic sprinkler system or automatic fire detection system.
    The door(s) must unlock (allow immediate egress) upon loss of power controlling the delayed egress locking device.
    The delayed egress locks shall be unlocked by a signal from the fire command center.
    Important Note: Some localities may also require a remotely located manual reset station attended at all times by trained personnel.
    Applying not more than 15 lbs of pressure for a maximum of 1 second (1 second nuisance delay) will start an irreversible process to unlock the door in 15 seconds. *The LAHJ may permit up to a 30 second delay and up to a 3 second nuisance delay, while in some cases no nuisance delay is permitted
    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425
    A local (at the door) alarm must sound at the opening upon initiation of the release process. *A remote signal may also be required
    A sign must be applied to the door stating, “PUSH UNTIL ALARM SOUNDS. DOOR CAN BE OPENED IN 15 SECONDS.” Letters must be 1 inch high by 1/8” stroke. The sign shall indicate 30 seconds where applicable.

    Emergency lighting is required as prescribed per code.
    The lock must be manually reset at the door. *not a universal requirement
    A building occupant shall not be required to pass through more than one delayed egress equipped door in order to escape the building.

    www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425