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Monday, August 12, 2013

Consumer Awareness Tips A LOCKSMITH"S Standard HOME & AUTO EMERGENCY LOCKOUT Procedure is to attempt to unlock homes and cars and get proof of residence or ownership prior to opening......

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Aug. 09--Aiea Honolulu,  A man was arrested Wednesday evening after attempting to gain access to a home that wasn't his own, with the help of an SCAMMER locksmith, police said.

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The so- called Locked out client's story didn't seem peculiar: He had lost the keys to his home and needed a locksmith to get inside. This is what he told an the SCAMMER unqualified uncertified untrained Locksmith  to get him to open the door to a Aiea home, the arrest report stated.

www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

This Scammer locksmith , drove to the home in Aiea Honolulu and worked on the door. So called client had told the locksmith he would show proof he lived there once he got inside.

But when the door was opened, the real owner stepped forward instead.

www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

The real owner, who lives in the home, was outside and approached, asking why they were entering his home.

The locksmith then became suspicious and locked the door he had just opened.

"Once the witnesses all got together, they all realized that ... it wasn't your home and that you had allegedly pulled one over on the SCAMMER locksmith," said the Honolulu Judge  during the perpetrator's first appearance in court Thursday.

When the owner told this SCAMMER locksmith they would call police, The SCAMMER locksmith swung his tool bag at them, got on in his vehicle and drove off.

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Honolulu police arrested the "perp" on the corner of Kamehemeha Street.   Police did not arrest the SCAMMER locksmith who was just interested in making the QUICK BUCK and not duly checking for ID.

According to the arrest report, The "PERP" said that he had gone to American Savings Bank bank and changed the address of his bank account to the address of the home before he had attempted to gain access.

www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

I've been doing business as a locksmith in Honolulu since 1991 and most times when people get locked out it is standard procedure in our business to unlock homes and cars and get proof of residence or ownership afterward.

"If you locked your purse inside the house, or your vehicle registration in your car, how are you going to provide proof?"

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"Typically, we proceed to open the door and the owners will come forward with pictures and documents that say they live inside," he said. "If they don't, the we call the police immediately ."

www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

During first-appearance in court, The owner of the residence told the judge he was worrisome that this SCAMMER locksmith could just open a door. Because from inside he could hear when the Scammer drove up to his driveway got out the car,  said Hello to the "PERP" and just asked is this the door that needs to be opened?

www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com  808-943-1425

The "PERP"  was charged with attempted burglary and is being held in lieu of a $3,500 bond.

Consumers need to make sure they are calling Qualified Trained Bonded Locksmith's for servicing locks and opening doors!

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