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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Locksmith Aiding Honolulu Police Dept at Crime Scene

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Yesterday my Friend Detective Dan from HPD called for my services.
When he calls it could be multiple situations happening at any of his job sites.

www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

Police issuing a Search Warrant, kidnapped victim in the property, stolen goods or domestic violence?

Detective Dan issued me a Bullet Proof Vest so I knew right then this was a serious matter.

He asked me to pick open 2 locks to enter this house with Crime Scene and backup waiting while I arrived to the scene.

It was chaos 10 marked cars already outside waiting on who do you think?
That's right.

www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

Waiting for the Locksmith to come and gain access.
So I walk up to the door and Detective Dan walks up with me and knocks on the door and says Police Dept. Search Warrant!
He knocks again and repeats Police dept. Search Warrant and bangs on the door harder and louder.

www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

We wait a couple minutes not knowing who or what will answer?
He then signals for me to open the door?
I'm thinking whaaaaat?
But I calmly walk up to the door ,  kneel down and picked the deadbolt instantly 3 seconds?

www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

I swiftly stand up and move out of harm's way and say it's opened.
That's when 5 uniformed HPD officers grabbed for their guns and entered with guns drawn just like in the movies WOW!

www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425
It was another exciting day  to be a Local Locksmith.
Did my duty as a civilian assisting the Police dept and getting paid for my services.

www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425

Gotta say this though ......Give credit where credit is due!
These guys put their life on the line everyday,  for about 15 minutes my adrenaline was running high with danger in the air.
This time my lookout was HPD and I was in for them in seconds!

www.24hourlocksmithsinhonolulu.com 808-943-1425
Living the Vida Loca as the Community Locksmith! Aloha

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