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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Automotive Locksmith Tips: Car Key Replacement

An automotive locksmith is your best friend when you’re having trouble with opening your car door or when you need to replace your car keys. On a daily basis, An auto locksmithwww.24hourtransponderkeyshonolulu.com deals with frustrated car owners who couldn’t open their car doors because they lost their keys or left them inside their locked cars.

Perhaps you were/ are one of those frustrated car owners and you’re just itching to know what to do to replace your keys. Plus, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to know how to prevent losing your keys next time. Well, most automotive locksmiths would tell you these things:

How to Prevent Losing Your Car Keys:

Car keys are among the most common things people misplace or lose – they’re prone to being lost mostly because they are small and we often use them and practically carry them anywhere; And partly because their owners are forgetful or careless. Either way, you must:

• Have a hook by the door where you can put your car keys – This way, you can immediately see your keys when you’re about to leave the house.

• Have a spare key in case of emergency – Duplicate your car keys before the inevitable event of losing it happens. You can put the extra key in safe keeping so the next time you lose your car key, you immediately have a back-up.

• Buy a key chain that you can attach to the waistband of your jeans – You can buy an elastic key chain in the department store and car accessories shop. These probably cost less than a dollar.


What to do when you lose your car keys:

• Find out the year, make and model of your car. This will be essential in replacing your car keys or re-programming your car’s electronic car system.

• Find your car’s VIN (Verification Identification Number) as this, too is important when you want to replace your keys.

• If you have an electronic lock system for your car, you might be able to find tutorial videos in how to reprogram your system, in order to open your car.

• If a DIY system reprogram doesn’t cut it, you might have to contact your car dealer to find out how to replace your car. You can also find out If your warranty applies to lost car keys.

• Go to the automotive locksmith.
Most of the time, these people know how to reprogram car systems and duplicate your lost keys. You just have to provide whatever car information they need from you.

Our advice is to search different auto locksmiths in your area first because some locksmiths are more expensive than the others. Compare the prices as well as customer reviews about them before choosing, and when you’ve found one you’re comfortable with, contact them right away.

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