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Monday, July 1, 2013

Keeping Your Promise with Clients!

Last week A client installed a chain link fence to protect the vehicles on their 1st floor parking garage. Of coarse it also consisted of 2 Pedestrian gates.
So our immediate solution was to install 2 heavy duty ADA approved lever lock sets to prevent free entry to outsiders.
This condominium just happened to be wired to a proprietary access key fob control for entry.
The job was scheduled by the Access Control Company that promised to run the conduit/wire and install the readers, but this company never showed up to start the job.
So when the property mgr. called to ask this company why have'nt they began work they promised to start ?
They claimed they couldn't because the locks were not installed first? Hahahahaha What a joke!
I went the following day to install the new lock sets last Saturday,
A whole week later they still have not completed the job?
So sad when professional's lose their integrity and do not keep their promises!
The morale to this story is...............................
Never make promises you can't keep with customers!

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