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Monday, July 1, 2013

Wife's Infidelity Lockout

Woke up to a late nite emergency lock out call in Makiki Hawaii.
When I arrived there was a Lady & a dude waiting for me.
So we went up in the elevator to open the apt.
I knelled down to pick the lock and got in swiftly.
The nice pretty lady lady asked me to wait while she went inside to get my $150 fee.
The door swoops open and the dude I saw waiting with the lady I just let in is running like hell as if there was a fire?
Suddenly another dude runs out in underwear's apparently chasing after this dude that went inside with the pretty lady.
Turns out this pretty lady was the guy in the underwear's wife.
He never went to work and she just got off work and was gonna do the nasty!
He came back after chasing this dude and tried giving me grief!
I told him I was just there to open the door not screw his wife so pay me for my services so I can get going!
The life of the Locksmith!

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