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Friday, September 20, 2013


www.hawaiicommercialdoorrepair.com 808-943-1425 My Thoughts on Being a locksmith......... No one aspires to become a LOCKSMITH? It's considered a secret trade passed down to generations! Father to Son. (THEY ALSO HAVE MANY COURSES) Being a LOCKSMITH is very rewarding and to me it's one of the most interesting things anyone can do. People who like a challenge as a problem solver and who think like a detective, doctor, salesperson, teacher and mechanic are a perfect fit for this craft. Locksmiths do it all! We are machinists, masons, carpenters, electricians, and more all rolled into one. Jack of all trades, master at none some may say? READ THIS CAREFULLY. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! The Locksmith is a renaissance craftsman/women, who uses all skill sets combined which makes it one of the most unique skilled labor careers available. They are critical thinkers and they don't just cut keys! Consumers are often unaware of the diverse training and the hours of commitment a locksmith dedicates to professional development. It is a never ending growth experience that is for lack of a better term - SEXY! Think about it! Your a lockpicker, a safecracker....all these cool things, but there is so much more. Locksmiths also provide the consumer with quality security hardware for homes, businesses, institutions, government facilities and they even work on cars! They are security hardware specialists. Compared to a boring and robotic 9-5 job, being a locksmith is sexy because each day brings something new and interesting. The Locksmith provides a solution to the consumer in ways no big box store can do! Hire a Professional Locksmiths and tell them you want to see something SEXY! www.hawaiicommercialdoorrepair.com 808-943-142

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