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Saturday, September 28, 2013

War Stories "The Locksmith in Honolulu" www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425 Often called the "second oldest profession," according to the research done by ALOA. Locksmithing has been around since Biblical times. For centuries since, locksmiths have been getting people into or out of predicaments that are often routine, but can also be emotional, scary, funny or just plain memorable. "People don't call me because everything's OK? "People call me because they're fighting with their spouse and they want to keep them out of the house. Most times my clients are not happy when they call me, but when I pack up and leave and have done my job, they're always happy I've been there." While at the job site I try to stay out of domestic disputes, but the nature of a locksmith's job often lands them in the crossfire. I remembers a client in Pearl City who wanted a deadbolt on her bedroom to stave off an abusive boyfriend who was living there, according to what she told me "I get all the tools out and the tarp and all of a sudden this guy comes out of nowhere -- a big, 300 Samoan -pound guy -- and says 'Brah You no putting no locks on my door,'" I remember.. "His wife & him get into this big argument and he calls the cops." I went and sat on the tailgate on my truck until the police told me to go ahead and continue with the lock installation. On Another occasion I was changing the locks on a Waimanalo home for a woman going through a divorce. "I was re-keying all the locks and all of a sudden her husband comes screeching around the corner saying 'I'm going to call the police! I'm looking around wondering if this guy was talking to me? When I realizes he was...... "I said, 'Hey, I'm just doing my job.'" Protecting the women you love!! Because I have done so many jobs for warring couples, I asked her which method of payment was she intending to use? "I was concerned this gentleman (her Husband) was going to withdraw the money out of their bank account if she issued me a check? I've seen it all, I'm telling you! That's when she calmly walked over to me and whispered.. I've got a separate account and he doesn't know about it.' I once got a call recently from a woman who said she had locked herself out of her safe in Manoa "When I showed up she said 'Hurry up, my husband's coming home in half an hour, "And he has my stuff in his safe." When this type of behavior happens... It's usually due to a bitter "DIVORCE". So at which time I stopped trying to open the safe, and told her she needed to get her attorney involved if she wanted this safe opened by me. I have even changed locks for hoarders afraid someone is going to break in and steal all their stuff, Ridiculous Paranoia! This house was in deep in the Kalihi Valley. It's awful, the smell was so bad! This lady already had eight or 10 locks. There were piles of dog (poop) all over the carpeting. They were just sitting there watching TV and knitting, and I'm stepping over the piles like land mines." Some times the call aren't on the level and not easy to detect, "You get the pranksters," "Like, 'My wife is handcuffed to the bed and can you come and look at it?' I instruct them to call HPD Or 'I dropped my keys down the toilet.' Then I tell them to call a plumber." How about this one..... I can't find the hole to where the key fits? This was A dude... I didn't know what to say? When any guy has trouble finding the hole......It's a problem I can't fix!!! The Life of Affordable Locksmith & Sons www.hawaiifiredoors.com 808-943-1425

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