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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Locksmith Scammer Companies are Full Blown Criminal Felons!

Locksmith Scammers are Full Blown Criminal Felons
 www.gsa-x09-lkmlocksmithshawaii.com 808-943-1425 The information provided is real and factual. Recently doing my own research & Investigations I discovered a lot things by simply using Google. I found a LOT of locations listed for a LOT of locksmith company names belonging to one "company or individual", but no shops were actually found. I found a phone number of 646-315-8883 which was on a website back linked from the ALOA Security Professionals Association Inc. (ALOA SPAI) Find-A-Locksmith directory for a licensed member named Liad Messenger a Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL) from a company called Locksmith NYC? The CRL certification is issued by ALOA SPAI. Below are several more company names using that number and they all have different names and locations. So what's the big deal? Considering that ALOA SPAI has continually sold a narrative that such things are considered inappropriate activity or possibly scammer activity, which is the reasoning why licensing is needed, it would appear to be hypocritical for them to have a member with so many names and no locations, etc. Their member also possesses a state issued license, Therefore, the excuse that licensing will stop this activity makes the entire argument invalid and can no longer be used, discussed, or sold to the media or state and local legislatures. Essentially, we would have to say now that "there are no scammers, only good locksmiths and bad locksmiths. Should we as an industry understand that this is the new normal? I also just uncovered that Liad Messinger CRL also operates a Lead Generation/Call Center company named L&L Lead Service at 14545 Friar St.Van Nuys, CA. The million dollar question is why does a lead generation company need to have so many different names and numbers? Why not simply promote your brand with a single identity and contact number. We may never know the answer, but in fairness, the question must be asked.
 www.gsa-x09-lkmlocksmithshawaii.com 808-943-1425

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