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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Scammer Locksmith's are Criminals in Hawaii!

The Scammer Locksmith's are Criminals in Hawaii! www.gsa-x09-lkmlocksmithhawaii.com As an independent Private locally on family business of Locksmiths here on Oahu Hawaii I really appreciate a small town News Reporter Chad Silber for being the ONLY news reporter in the United States that has reported accurately about what is known as "locksmith scammers." This young cub, nailed his recent news report by clearly identifying that locksmiths are not engaged in scamming the consumers. His news headline reads - "Criminals Acting as Locksmiths to Steal from Victims." There was no fluff reporting or blatant activist style reporting which as we have seen elsewhere. Here in Honolulu I have been advocating for a very long time for the hardworking locksmiths while other locksmith's & associations subversively supported and aided in the misinformation in order to force failed and unwanted licensing on the industry in order to restrain trade and eliminate competition. Hawaii is characterized as a major producer of coffee, and pineapples and coconuts. Chad certainly delivered the goods! The only coconut I saw was the subliminal reference of showing the Yellow Page disclaimer notice 2 times that reads - "State or local law may require locksmiths to be licensed. If you have any questions regarding licensure, please contact your locksmith licensing authority." Since there is no such thing in Hawaii why show it unless it is yet another attempt to make a false impression? I think us local certified honest Locksmith's can see through the false sense of security offered by licensing. Either way it appears that maybe the news media is starting to hear my voice or have started reading my blog? Realizing the fact that many of them have been misled by those with a licensing agenda. This agenda has been proven to be a con job, flawed and a failure that has only harmed the industry. The locksmith industry does not want it, but a minority group with special interests does and falsely claim it will stop those posing as locksmith. It doesn't and has not. In Fact the Scammers have paid Locksmiths absorbent fees to get sponsored in a Bonified Locksmith Association just to get a legal license to rob consumers! Very SAD! The Life of a Locksmith in Hawaii www.gsa-x09-lkmlocksmithhawaii.com

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